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Handcrafted in Morocco

A leather goods brand that inspired the avid traveler and stylish business person to create a brand for the same.


Handcrafted bags for any occasion or no occasion at all. 

One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. 

Our Story

Our goal is to create classic bags with great regard to fashion, quality and the preservation of handmade products.

Founded in 2016 centered around a love for Morocco, Read More


After centuries of practice, Moroccan natives have found that proper leather tanning produces the most elegant and the most durable results.

There are plenty of leather companies that ensure a quality product. However, there are very few that actually produce a bag that can withstand use for longer than a year. MADE Leather bags are designed to last a lifetime. We are able to provide a product that lasts a lifetime for we do not depend on machines nor huge mass production. Our products are handmade; the way they've been made for centuries in Morocco. Read More

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